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  • Yes 9 33 JIP Transport - Transport provided to get you to your squad. No Repawn / One Life Only Takistan Primary Server Andrew

    In this mission, an US Army Motorized Recon Platoon must secure the town of Chak Chak and its vicinity, a necessary waypoint on the way to Huzrutiman. The vicinity of Chak Chak contains heavy militia present with ~3 platoons worth of militia equipped with few static emplacements and Hiluxes. A forward recon element located in Huzrutiman has been attached to the Recon Platoon to assist in securing Chak Chak.


    V1-V2 Changelog

    • New end conditions (display)
    • Better Description and Briefing Updates
    • No technicals at start
    • TL's don't have 148s but now get Binocs
    • Bodybags for medics
    • MTVR has weapons removed
    • Patrols in town better scripted
    • Time changed to 1025 because AI is retarded
    • Fortified hill AI to not look so stupid.

    V2-V3 Changelog

    • Lag due to magazines fixed
    • Updated minimum players

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